watch in the flesh they said

it’s an amazing show they said

no queer baiting they said

fascinating female characters they said

cutest otp they said

i caved in (pun intended)

they were right

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Cochem Castle from the Moselle Bridge / Germany (by destinatio).

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窓の家 / 愛知県豊田市

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sumikko gurashi coin case makes a good pouch✨

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セーラープルート | sizh

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There looked upon him from under a marten-skin hood eyes such as he had never seen in his life, black, satinlike, liquid, full of life and fire. Above those eyes dark velvety brows were defined in two delicate arches; her blushing face bloomed like the most beautiful flower, and through her slightly opened lips of raspberry hue were seen teeth like pearls, and from under her hood flowed out rich dark tresses.”

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