"I never stopped loving you. Not even for a second. Even when I hated you." — Charles Sheehan-Miles. (for thorloptrs)


A couple of Amorki moments from a sketchdump by Phobs

Loki Odinson

Loki Laufeyson


I couldn’t get the boy to kill me.


Maybe one of the reasons Thor can never quite give up on Loki is because he’s just so dang pretty.

Request: Loki is sorry for all he did and Thor forgives him.

After a brotherly brawl goes too far and Thor ends up in his own version of Odinsleep, Loki remembers something his brother told him long ago. Though he knows Thor would forgive him even if he said nothing at all, Loki finds that it hurts more to finally say sorry to someone who will never be able hear it.

The moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep.” — Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic